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In January 2008 maia made a huge jump on her career. Maia and Ratu are two names with one soul inside of them.She start her new duet with brand new singer meychan. Ratu has been fading out, maia and meychan kick this year with their duo album titled EGP ( Emang Gua Pikirin ) and ingat kamu. Unfortunately mp3 version of EGP and ingat kamu have been ripped into mp3 version by bad guy. You can find egp.mp3 and ingat kamu.mp3 on every corner of the Bandung In Kota kembang Dalem Kaum Street. Or u Can visit to

Ingat kamu... I'll remember you meychan

Emang Gua Pikirin ....... heu heu heu ahmad dani Say!


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