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Although she hasn't been one of my favorite models I still think Marsha Wattanapanich is one of the orginal classy Thai models. She has been around for a while and isn't one of the young hotties anymore. But she is keeping it all together and still looks great, as these shots from M magazine show. They had a very short interview in which she mostly talked about how she works to support her son and how she understands how hard it is for so many women like herself. I guess that sort of discussion did not lead to a long interview. Maybe that's better than all those inane questions they ask the teenie bopper models, like what was their first kiss like, where did they lose their virginity, what's the strangest place, and so on. Just like in those other photo shoots, then, we just stop reading and look at the pictures.

Marsha black bra
Marsha with a funky hairdo and wearing a black bra. She has a nice shape. The photography was kind of weird in this photo shoot. Sort of grainy looking. Not sure it helped her look her best.

Classy edgy Marsha
One thing I notice about the classy models who have been around like Marsha is that after a while they tend to do more edgy stuff. Not the usual sexy bikini and cheesecake shots. Off course, part of that may be that they don't have the same body for it anymore. After children and some years our figures change. So the wardrobe people usually have to use a little more talent and pick some more interesting outfits. Like this one for Marsha. And the photographers have to have a little more skill to get the model's best side. It looks like Marsha as the assets and that outfit makes her look pretty busty.


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