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The G-Shot

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We've got the lowdown on the G-Shot for women

Is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard of the G-spot? We didn’t think so. All the same, many men have never witnessed a G-spot orgasm, and many women scoff at the idea that such a thing even exists. If you’re involved with such a woman, the following bit of information will likely be of great interest to both of you; the G-Shot might just turn her into a believer. That’s right, science has paved the way to a nifty little injection designed to beef up your woman’s G-spot, thereby making it virtually impossible to “miss” during sex or other forms of stimulation. Read on for more information on what the G-Shot is, how the G-Shot works, and what the G-Shot can do for your sex life.

What is the G-Shot and how does it work?

The G-Shot is a trademarked collagen injection meant to increase the size of a woman’s G-spot, and it's being touted as the "next big thing." Women are using their lunch breaks to drop in on their gynecologist for this trendy procedure, which takes roughly 30 minutes to accomplish, from start to finish. The $1,850 injection is administered quickly and only requires a local anesthetic. Once the G-Shot has been delivered, the G-spot is supposed to swell to an incredible inch-wide diameter, with a quarter-inch height. That’s fairly massive, as G-spots go; one can easily imagine why so many women report an increase in G-spot orgasm frequency after having the injection. And women can start testing it out relatively quickly, since the results are immediate and sex is possible within four hours of the procedure.

What are the G-Shot's benefits and how long do they last?

The most obvious benefit is having the G-spot enlarged to a size that should be impossible to miss during sex. Many women report that orgasms reached in conjunction with the G-Shot are far superior to “regular” orgasms, particularly where intensity and length of duration are concerned. The G-Shot is also said to increase libido in some women, causing them to experience an almost permanent state of increased sensitivity and, possibly, arousal itself. Some even feel the G-Shot has completely revolutionized their formerly frustrating sex lives -- for four months, anyway, which is how long the effects are expected to last.

What is the success rate?

Dr. David Matlock, the man who invented the G-Shot, advertises an 87% success rate in terms of women who feel the treatment enhanced their sex lives. His website is careful to mention, however, that the G-Shot is only intended for women not presently suffering from sexual dysfunction; it’s meant to be an enhancement, not a magic wand. If a woman cannot reach orgasm via normal means, the G-Shot is probably not going to make much of a difference. The same can be said of women with a low sex drive or other such conditions, as the G-Shot is unlikely to turn such women into sex-crazed maniacs. The G-Shot's primary purpose is to make the “X” big enough for a man to easily hit the G-spot.


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