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Lindsay Lohan To Go Full Frontal

After she posed nude for Playboy and New York Magazine, Lindsay Lohan will start shooting soon for the indie film “Florence” where she’ll only be paid a measly $75,000 for her role as a nymphomaniac waitress.

When she noticed the role required some boobie action, Lindsay offered to go full frontal for the part that she’s hoping will rekindle her career. However, the producers were not into it and declined her offer.

For the 21 year old actress, this ploy is the latest attempt to keep her name on the lips of millions, and one can bet that when the movie is released, lineups at the box office will be quite long. However there is no date yet announced for the releasing of the film.

It seems that Lindsay doesn’t care at all that she’s getting paid peanuts, she just wants to remind people that she can act and she’s worth hiring.

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