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Hottest Girls of MySpace
Hottest Girls of MySpace

Maybe there’s only one Dalia. Maybe what Dalia says in her Myspace Profile is fairly accurate. But to say that there’s only one girl out there with amazing implants, who hangs out with guys with metal teeth, and licks poles while wearing purple wigs would be ludicrous.

If there weren’t I wouldn’t have made over 500 posts by now, each filled with pictures of women who can easily fit into that mold if they wanted to. Sure they may lick different poles and wear other colored wigs, but they shake their asses the same as you do Dalia.

So while there’s only one Dalia, there’s millions of pole lickers.

But Dalia please understand that despite the fact that your vagina probably smells wonderful, there’s other wonderful vaginas out there. I’m just saying honey. I’m just saying.


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