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Sexless Marriage?

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Are you in a sexless marriage?

Sex is a huge part of a man's life when he's a bachelor, but it can abruptly vanish when he enters the stable comfort of "settling down." According to a recent study, 40 million people are in sexless marriages -- sexless in the sense that the couples in question have sex less than 10 times a year (yikes!). The individuals that were polled offered a range of reasons as to why they were not having sex: Some cited busy lives that didn't allow time for it, others pointed to medications that affected their libidos, while others came up with the lamer reasoning that the bed wasn't sexy anymore (not necessarily because of an absence of satin sheets, but because couples often watched TV or brought their laptops or PDAs into the bedroom).

But one nagging question looms: Does a marriage need sex?
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Are you in a sexless marriage? Has it put a strain on your marriage? Do you think that a happy marriage needs sex?

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