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Dating Strippers

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Dating strippers: Cool or not so hot?

We're not ashamed to admit that the thought of dating an exotic dancer has crossed our minds, on occasion. Look at it this way: She's confident, experienced and not afraid to be a real woman -- in the bedroom or elsewhere. Strippers pride themselves on having great physiques, which they maintain to a tee, and they've got less hair on their entire bodies than Britney had on her shaved head.

But -- and this is a rather large "but" -- all those great things aside, could you make a dancer your full-time girlfriend? Sure, she's sexy and has some jaw-dropping outfits for the bedroom, but could you bring her home to mom? And wouldn't her performing for strange guys every night almost be considered cheating?
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Would you date a stripper? Do the pros outweigh the cons?


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