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Carmen Electra Gives Free Sex Tips on

I think sleeping with Carmen Electra is a dream for all the alive men! So it’s not hard for Carmen to seize her favorite partner, but the sexy actress says the best way to flirt with a man is to keep a sexiness kit with you at all times.

Be Ready

Keep a sexiness kit in the car or in a drawer at work with the essentials in it - perfume, lip gloss and a pair of heels because they’ll help you better showcase your legs. Knowing you look hot also boosts your all-around confidence.

Being flirty is the key

It’s a way of letting a guy know you’re interested without making a fool of yourself.

Let Him Know you’re Interested

On a date eye contact is key, as is touching - even if it’s just removing a piece of lint off his clothing. “Accidentally” making physical contact, whether it’s using his shoulder to steady yourself or picking an imaginary piece of lint off his shirt does two things - it gauges his interest in you and lets him know you’re comfortable around him.


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