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Sivan Krispin Was Deceptive at First Glance

I’ll be honest here. I was debating showing you guys a picture that I deemed crappy. You see, Sivan has this personal Myspace Profile that doesn’t really reflect how hot she really is. At first when I looked around I actually debated posting her (if you can believe that). Oddly enough she has this annoying resemblance to Amy Winehouse. So I’m browsing, seeing pictures and she seems like this skinny jewish type that just might not make the cut. Out of curiosity I do an internet search and what do I find? Sivan Krispin is an Israeli model and apparently a pretty well known one. And what else do I find? She’s got incredible T’s. My radar is unbelievable. I see a girl I think is average but she’s got this special something I find post worthy and bang, she’s a supermodel. I should be a talent scout. I should also stop daydreaming and realize that my life consists of finding these girls online and never touching them.

This is also an obscure reference but if you guys have seen the movies Legends of the Fall or The Firm, she reminds me of an actress in those movies. Her name is Karina Lombard. She’s the chick who Tom Cruise bangs on a beach in The Firm. Eh, just thought I’d mention it. I think Sivan looks a little like her. I’d like to know who the chick on the right is by the way. That’s exactly how you’re supposed to wear an “I Love NY” shirt.

Again, I’m wondering who the chick on the right is. Not so much because I want to post her on this site, but because I’m looking to find a new hair gel and I really like the way those curls shape so perfectly. I mean where can you get such great Auburn highlights and a wet look that screams “Belinda Carlisle with curls never looked this good!” See that guys? I’m cultured. I can write when I want to.


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