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2008 Hairstyles

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Cool 2008 hairstyles for men

It’s easy for men to get locked into a standard hairstyle that they think works. So, while every trip to the barber finds them asking for “the usual,” that’s not the way to approach a finely tuned style.

Maintaining an updated ‘do is an important component for sustaining a fresh appearance: Guys rocking a modern, sophisticated haircut display an acute sense of style, while guys owning outmoded ones look stagnant.

Thus, men everywhere must make the concerted effort to reinvent their hairstyle every few months or so -- or at least once a year. That’s why, with another year underway, we suggest paying heed to the current haircuts displacing the obsolete styles of yesterday and reinventing “the usual” with one of these modish 2008 hairstyles.

Mattew Fox - Credit: IMDB.comBuzz cut

Forget the faux hawk; it’s completely last season. This year, the most confident, self-assured men will opt to take it all off; they’ll rock a simplistically chic hairstyle with a pure and simple buzz cut. With a pared-down look that’s more traditional and clean, the buzz makes an appealing haircut for guys who can say a lot in a little. Like the statement it makes for, say, Matthew Fox. His closely sheared scalp alludes to a no-frills approach to style that’s both direct and sophisticated. For Fox -- and any other guy who opts for this 2008 hairstyle -- sporting a buzz shows how easy men’s fashion can and should be.

What it says about you: Unfussy and stylish, you prefer a streamlined style that speaks for itself and offers a laid-back elegance and handsome appeal.

James McAvoy in Penelope - Credit: Summit EntertainmentBangs

Atypical 2008 hairstyles for men, like bangs, are popping up everywhere. Bangs establish a chicly disheveled element suited for those who favor cutting-edge style without the pretense. Leaving a tousled swoop of hair covering the forehead, this cut creates an air of nonchalant classiness, while adding a classic component. Need an ideal example before committing to this look? James McAvoy and his foppish bangs charmingly augment his unassuming demeanor. This sharp look works perfectly for any guy who, like McAvoy, chooses to employ a slightly modest yet slightly contemporary appearance.

What it says about you: You have a stylishly reserved, free-spirited approach to your style, but you manage to keep it up-to-the-minute.

A few more 2008 hairstyles to choose from…

Textured crop

While the crop is an Everyman haircut for the ages, this traditional look is being retooled as a 2008 hairstyle with the addition of some texture. Ideal for those who prefer a modicum of flash, the textured crop strikes a prefect balance: one part conventional and one part contemporary. The low-key layering of this cut brings something extra to the table -- it’s updated but understated, and the proof lies in the mature, poised style of Casey Affleck. Donning a textured crop, Affleck achieves a handsomely modern look suited to his grown-up, modish demeanor. He proves it’s an unpretentiously voguish haircut that’s down-tempo enough to suit us “normal” guys.

What is says about you: Favoring a more simplistically stylish appearance, you err on the side of simplicity, sophistication and erudition.

Michael C. Hall - Credit: IMDB.comMessy ‘do

Guys are finally catching on: Modish hairstyling techniques don’t have to be pristine and meticulous. It’s quite the contrary, really, thanks to the spirited, untidy 2008 hairstyles owning today’s fashion scene. Working with the natural texture of your hair, messy ‘dos are effortless and elegant. What’s more, this hairstyle plays to two strengths that are crucial to men’s fashion: easy to achieve and high on impact. And no one exemplifies this more than Michael C. Hall; his stylishly tousled locks result not only in a swiftly, naturally styled haircut, but also in a devilishly handsome look perfect for any man with a penchant for upscale looks.

What it says about you: Cultured and distinguished, you utilize the tools you have to establish an affluent, easy-going style that’s both refined and progressive.

Emile Hirsch - Credit: IMDB.comLayers

If debonairness and versatility are your desired hallmarks, make it all the more apparent in 2008 by layering your haircut. For men, layers allude to a suave demeanor, one bent on class and old-school charm. Even better, layers work for medium-length and longer-length styles, with both options ending in the same result: an affluent, chic look. It’s a ubiquitous cut right now, and one perfectly illustrated by Emile Hirsch. Taking a relaxed approach to style, Hirsch leverages his modernly layered haircut to create classic elegance and modish appeal. For Hirsch, and guys in general, layers possess an intrinsic quality of dashing sophistication.

What it says about you: Your predilection leans toward an obviously charming and cosmopolitan style that’s suited to your first-class character.

hair today…

To achieve a completely updated look, men must look beyond the clothes they wear; they must pay attention to their hairstyles as well. Hair is an integral component in truly demonstrating that you follow modern trends and take fresh approaches in all aspects of style. That’s why, for these reasons and more, we’ve compiled this list of current haircuts that will ensure you make a bold, relevant statement with your overall style approach in 2008.


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