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HiveTees Star Wars t-shirt - Credit:
Learn how to wear novelty T-shirts

Believe it or not, having a novelty T-shirt or two in your clothing lineup can be fashionable and fun. But while most “mature” dressers see these quirky shirts as more suited for college-aged guys and slovenly couch potatoes, don’t write them off just yet. Though T-shirts displaying ambiguous sayings and witty puns should be avoided in general -- as you'll surely recall from reading the Style Bible -- those novelty T-shirts owning a vintage, retro appeal can bring a stylishly entertaining aspect to any man’s weekend wardrobe. That is, of course, if the guy wearing them has the distinctive sense of style needed to pull the look off. And that’s why, as purveyors of fashion and fun, we offer you this tutorial on how to wear novelty T-shirts.

PalmerCash“A Diamond is Forever” T-shirt

PALMERCASH t-shirt - Credit: Armani Jeans track jacket - Credit:

A novelty T-shirt that invokes a nostalgic, iconic brand adds an interesting depth to your wardrobe. So opt for something like this “A Diamond is Forever” T-shirt and get the best of both worlds. Guys see one thing, and women hear another. And therein lies the beauty (and enjoyment) of this novelty T-shirt. With a nod to a legendary saying and the legend himself, this retro-looking T is zippy and ironic; but that also means it requires a modern touch to achieve an age-appropriate outfit. Thus, add a sharp track jacket, like this one from Armani Jeans, to balance its overall look. Together, the shirt and jacket allude to a suave, hip sense of humor the ladies will love and the guys can appreciate.

HiveTees Storm Troopers T-shirt

HiveTees Star Wars t-shirt - Credit: Banana Republic cardigan - Credit:

Legendary status has been assigned to Star Wars on many levels; its contributions to filmmaking are unequivocal and, oddly enough, it can have much of the same impact on your weekend wardrobe. For example, should you wear a vintage Storm Troopers T with a modern cardigan, like this one from Banana Republic, you’ll have a sophisticatedly hip outfit that’s one part geek and one part chic. It’s a look that’s perfect for a lunch date or an afternoon of running about. Thanks to the distressed look of the shirt and the preppy appearance of the cardigan, these two items come together in an up-to-the-minute outfit that will have fanboys everywhere noting your unique, fashionable approach to style.

PalmerCash Championship Kickball T-shirt

PALMERCASH t-shirt - Credit: 7 For All Mankind jeans - Credit:

Shirts that allude to our athletic prowess in old-school recreations, such as kickball, are always a suitable option for weekend wear. Paying homage to a recess classic, the Kickball Championship shirt makes a smooth, unexpected option for hanging out with the guys. It provides a casually hip T for the sports-minded Joe. And really all it needs to round out its laid-back appeal is a sharp pair of jeans.Take this shirt and couple it with a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans, for instance, to burnish the streetwise charm of the shirt and the jeans. Wearing these two items together, any guy can easily hasten back to his glory days when he was something of a playground legend.

More tips on how to wear novelty T-shirts...

Trunk Ltd. Kiss Concert T-Shirt

TRUNK Ltd. t-shirt - Credit: Ben Sherman blazer - Credit:

If you want to create a rock-star image one Saturday night, then pull out all the stops by wearing a classic rock T-shirt with a modishly contemporary blazer. The juxtaposition of the old-school music and the new-school design will establish an urban, sophisticated symmetry. Consider, let’s say, wearing a Kiss concert T with the Ben Sherman “Artist” Two-Button Blazer: While individually the two pieces already own a sophisticated, edgy appeal, collectively they fashion a chic outfit custom-made for a night on the town. If you put the two together, you’ll exude a fashion-forward, bad-boy image that riffs off an overly confident sense of style.

PalmerCash Hamm’s Beer Vintage T-shirt

PALMERCASH t-shirt - Credit: Armani Jeans leather jacket - Credit:

When we think of beer, we think of good times and good brews. Especially those brands like Hamm’s that got us through college and our early 20s. So, give props to this all-important brew and your ever-improving casual style by donning a shirt that advertises your affinity for great beer and cool fashion; and you can definitely up the shirt’s impact by adding another classically modish piece: a leather motorcycle jacket. Armani Jeans offers an urbanely chic model to complement the retro appeal of the Hamm’s T. The two pieces are a tough combination that is street-smart, handsome and a stylish throwback to two things men truly love.

a novel-T idea

Novelty T-shirts don’t usually show up on our radar screen, and if it’s those with obnoxious sayings or images then they really shouldn’t. However, those novelty T-shirts with vintage, classic appeal provide a fun, fashionable alternative to liven up your casual appearance.


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