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Sandra Bullock and her husband, Monster Garage host Jesse James, were in a head-on collision in Gloucester, Massachusetts on Friday. A member of Bullock’s security team was driving a rented SUV near the East Gloucester Square Laundry when 64-year-old Lucille Gatchell – who was drunk of her ass - crossed lanes in her a Subaru wagon and veered into oncoming traffic. She slammed her car head first into Bullock and James’ SUV. Luckily they were only doing about 15-20 mph at the time, and walked away unhurt.

Gloucester - The alleged drunken driver involved in a head-on collision with an SUV carrying actress Sandra Bullock failed four field sobriety tests and had a blood-alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit, police said. The accident brought gawkers with flash cameras into the streets of Gloucester and prompted global headlines. Many expressed relief that the sweetheart actress avoided injury in the ugly episode.

“Her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Her speech was extremely slurred as she spoke.” Hussey [Bullock’s driver] “was trying to avoid her car, but it was in his lane,” Mackey said yesterday. During sobriety tests, Gatchell nearly fell over three times while trying to walk nine steps and turn, the report states. A Breathalyzer test recorded Gatchell’s blood-alcohol level as .20, more than twice the legal limit of .08, the report states.

“After I arrested her, I had her in the cruiser,” said Mackey. “I said, ‘Do you realize who you hit? She asked, ‘Who?’ I said, ‘Sandra Bullock.’ She was almost giggling and laughing. She said, ‘My first drunk driving and I hit Sandra Bullock.’

[From the Boston Herald]

What a jackass thing to say. And do. Unfortunately Ms. Gatchell was released on her own recognizance from jail. The police officer interviewed by the Herald noted that Sandra seemed very concerned for the drunken woman who could have killed her – even though Ms. Gatchell seemed to find the whole situation pretty damn funny.

“She was very concerned about the lady in the other car. She said, ‘Is she OK? Is she OK?’ ” said Mackey. “After I arrested (Gatchell), I walked past Miss Bullock. She felt bad. You could tell by the look on her face.”

[From the Boston Herald]

I’m so disgusted by that woman’s response I can’t even come up with anything decent to say. It’s probably due to the state of massive inebriation, but since Lucille Gatchell chose to drink she’s responsible for everything she does and says thereafter. Obviously the accident could have been much worse, and it’s very lucky that everyone in Sandra Bullock’s vehicle came out unscathed. Hopefully Ms. Gatchell will choose to make better decisions in the future.

Here’s Lucile Gatchell, who was charged with operating under the influence and marked lane violations. Header of Sandra between scenes while filming ‘The Proposal’ in Rockport, MA on April 10th. Images thanks to Splash.


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