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Yesterday we covered Nicole Kidman’s glowing and enviably gorgeous appearance at the CMT Awards on Monday to support her husband, country singer Keith Urban, who was nominated for best male video. I said that she barely looked pregnant to me and many of you schooled me that all women show differently and that there are some women who don’t show until the very end of their pregnancies. I was big as a house from the fifth month on, so it’s hard for me to relate.

There is some speculation that she’s still using Botox and Restylane since she looks perfectly fresh-faced still, but others say that she’s got that pregnancy glow and it could be compensating for a lapse in visits to her surgeon. Commenter headache points us to documentation about Botox online, which says that they recommend against use during pregnancy, but that it is still up to the patient. Restylane is similarly advised against, but there are no definitive studies. It’s possible Nicole’s face just filled out during pregnancy. A Botox advisory site states that “Pregnant women who have enjoyed the benefits of the effects of Botox on the signs of ageing may find that this cosmetic treatment becomes superfluous during pregnancy, as water retention naturally puffs out the skin causing fine lines such as crow’s feet to become less visible.”

Either way, Nicole is looking great and you can’t underestimate the ability of a stylist, makeup artist and hairdresser to transform a woman.

Nicole told Access Hollywood in a brief interview before the show Monday night that she’s had terrible morning sickness. She also revealed that she’s waiting for her third trimester:

“I’ve had severe morning sickness…

“[I’m] good actually, really good. Waiting for the third trimester. Everyone says that is hard work.”

I don’t think you know hard work as a mom until the kid can start to walk, but that’s just my experience. I also only have one child, and I’m sure there are many moms of two children and more who would shake their heads at me calling just one child work.

[Credit to commenters headache and frewt for the Botox speculation and Bellatrix for the pregnancy glow theory.]


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