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The Male G-Spot & More

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The male G-spot & more

Is it possible to get more information regarding engagement of the male G-spot without penetration?



Sorry to break it to you, but the male G-spot is the prostate, a feel-good gland that is tucked away in your rectum. This means that if you want access to it, someone -- whether it’s you or your partner -- is going to have to insert a finger or a prostate massager into your rectum. Anything short of telekinesis, there is no other way to stimulate your G-spot.

Donald Zimmer

breaking condoms

Whenever my boyfriend and I have sex, our condoms break. We keep some space at the tip, but they always break. What are we doing wrong? Could our sex be too energetic?



If used correctly, condoms shouldn’t break -- it makes no difference how passionate, rigorous or earth-shattering your sex is. There a few factors, however, that might cause ripping. We can rule out leaving enough room at the reservoir (or the tip), since you already pinch the air out. Other culprits of condom breakage do exist, however, like storing the condoms in hot temperatures, using them beyond their expiration date or using them more than once.

Another possibility is that you’re not using the right size of condom for your boyfriend’s penis. Next time he rolls on a condom, check to see if it covers the entire shaft or if it looks too tight. If so, larger condoms exist for men with penises that measure over seven inches.

Finally, are you using lube? Non-water based lubricants have been known to deteriorate latex. Alternately, if you’re not using any lube, the friction caused by dryness could also cause the condom to tear.

Evaluate these possibilities, take the necessary precautions, and your condoms should stop splitting.

Donald Zimmer

The problems with water sex and more…

underwater sex

Is it OK to have sex in the water with a condom on? Will it still work?



My advice is that you let Hollywood keep its swimming pool and bathtub sex, and you reserve it strictly for foreplay. While underwater sex without a condom is doable (although it still provides risk of infection from any salt, chlorine or bacteria present in the water), underwater sex with a condom is more than likely to be a bust.

The major issues interfering with your water-whoopee are: Latex condoms are ruined by oil-based products like shampoo and bubble bath, and they can also collect water and slip off.

Donald Zimmer

porn addiction

I am having a problem with my boyfriend of two years because he watches a lot of porn. At first I was fine with it, but now I am not so sure. I explained to him I was OK with it as long as it does not affect me. I am having a problem with it because 1) he has a hard time staying erect with me during sex; 2) I am always the one getting on him and acting on having sex; 3) I believe he watches it more than two to three times per week. I’ve tried to watch it with him, but he will not let me. What do I do???



If your boyfriend prefers to spend his time staring at bleached-blonde, silicone-infused women getting their jollies than having sex with you, chances are he’s either a) no longer attracted to you, b) a porn addict or c) both.

A porn addict is categorized as someone who obsessively watches and thinks about pornography to the point that it has detrimental effects on other aspect s of his life. While I am by no means diagnosing your boyfriend, it is still necessary to consider this as a reason why he’s not interested in having sex with you and why he won’t let you join in on his porn-watching activities.

But first thing’s first: You need to have a sit-down with him and discuss the issues at hand. Sex is an integral part of any emotional relationship, and if that is lacking, your relationship surely won’t stand the test of time. Be open, honest and communicate how his lack of interest makes you feel. His inability to maintain an erection could be due to his lack of desire for you, his preference for pornography or his performance anxiety.

If it’s not an issue of attraction, seeking the help of a sexual health professional is the only way to remedy the situation.

Donald Zimmer

anal sex

I started a new relationship a few months ago, and over the past few weeks I've had some doubts about her sexual past.

I asked her if she had tried anal sex before and she answered that she never did; however, last time I started playing with her anus, and when I stuck in a finger she really enjoyed it. The day after, I easily stuck two fingers. Based on all the reading I've done, all authors suggest that a person with no anal experience should be very tight -- does this suggest she already has had anal activities?



Just because you can insert a finger or two into your girlfriend’s anus, it by no means implies that she’s lying to you about her sexual history. In case you haven’t noticed, a finger and penis aren’t exactly the same girth, meaning that, as science would have it, fingers can probably be inserted into the anus easier than a penis. Let that bit of info sink in before you jump to conclusions, accuse your girlfriend of lying and jeopardize your relationship.

Donald Zimmer


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