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Must-own dress shirt colors you shouldn't be without

Move away from the white shirt and add a blast of color to your wardrobe by incorporating these fine colors to your sartorial repertoire. If you know your AskMen.Com Style Bible, you already know the various shirt styles every man should own. So let’s go a bit further and breakdown the must-own dress shirt colors for this year. Keep in mind, however, that adding color does not, under any circumstances, allow a man to ever wear a pink shirt. The pink dress shirt has had its time and there shall not be a 16th minute of fame for this silly-looking color on a man.

Classic blueArmani Collezione classic blue shirt - Credit:

The classic blue dress shirt allows flexibility without the drollness of the white shirt. Best of all, the classic blue bridges the gap between formal and informal simply in the way you wear it. Pair it with a red tie and you’re ready for a political office. A dark gray or black tie lends formality and strength to your look. Go blue on blue with a sharp blue suit and tie for a continental look or leave it unbuttoned, sans tie, for a casually modern appearance. In short, this is the shirt you should always pack when heading out of town.

GrayTed Baker grey herringbone

This sombre color outdoes classic blue in seriousness because it tones down any suit or sport coat it's paired with. If you thought a black three-button suit looked sharp with the classic blue, you haven’t truly entered a room until you wear this gray number from Ted Baker. The gunmetal black buttons also allow you to wear it with a neatly pressed pair of black trousers and modern lace-up Oxfords for a touch of casual elegance.

A few more must-own dress shirt colors to add to your wardrobe...

BlackGiucci black poplin slim fit dress shirt - Credit:

The most underrated dress shirt color is black. No other dress shirt color besides black allows you to wear it with jeans, khakis, suits, and tuxedos while always looking your absolute best. By the way, let her wear it the morning after as you fix her breakfast and you’ll wonder why you’ve been wearing white all these years. In the end, however, this shirt was made to be worn with a muted charcoal tie under a gray modern-cut suit with black monk-strap shoes.

MauveZegna mauve cotton dress shirt - Credit:

OK, let’s get something straight right away: Mauve is not pink. The only time a man should ever have his hands on a pink garment is when he's helping a woman out of it. Got it? Good. Now back to the topic at hand; this is the perfect pastel-colored dress shirt and every man should have at least one of these in his closet waiting for that moment to subtly brighten any occasion. Now, once again, and all together now: Mauve is not pink. And this one is from Zegna, which makes it very, very good.

colorful couture

Open your closet and wallow in the sea of blandness for a while, then ask yourself how happy you are wearing such mundane things. Then imagine actually enjoying the act of putting on a well-made dress shirt that says something about who you are instead of who you work for.


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