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Centerfolds on Sex

Centerfolds on Sex
Playmates tell us what really turns them on.

In a perfect world, a Playmate would have enough room on her Data Sheet to list all of her turn-ons. Instead, she has to leave it at a few sexy suggestions -- and leave every red-blooded man on the planet wanting more. We feel your pain, fellas, so Playboy magazine has asked a few open-minded Playmates to kiss and tell. The result is Centerfolds on Sex, our monthly romp betwen the sheets with the world's most beautiful women.

Current Playmate:
Jami Ferrell, Miss January 1997
Mischievous, manipulative, orgasmic -- is she a fantasy?

Tell us your fantasies: Recently, I've had one I really like. Here's how it goes: I'm this mischievous spirit who drifts in through the window, nude and natural, and I take advantage of a guy who is sound asleep. The thrill of the fantasy is that I force him to have sex with me. I walk over to the bed and climb on top of him. I use his penis for my pleasure. I have multiple orgasms -- clitoral, G spot and vaginal. I just come and come and come. Then he awakens and he finds me on top of him. I bend down to kiss him. He's not expecting me, and he doesn't even want me to be there. Gently, I continue riding him while watching his face so I can better feel how to give him pleasure. His expression tells me that I am pleasing him. Even though he tries hard not to come, he's totally in my powers. He's grimacing, he's trying hard not to come. I know the exact rhythm to give him the utmost pleasure. He spasms and wrenches all his energy into me, and it propels me into a great orgasm. The most incredible sensation I've ever had is when his semen spills into me. I love it. It's powerful! It's wonderful! The whole of his manhood is dripping out of me, and I get drunk on that experience. I like the fact that I'm in total control of his pleasure and my own. And only when I am satiated, and I've satiated him, do I get up and leave out the window.

When was the first time you had oral sex? The first time was right after I did my Playboy layout. I was never one who could enjoy oral sex that much. When I was nine, my parents put in an in-ground pool with water jets. I discovered how much fun the water jets could be, so at a young age, I started having the most wonderful orgasms with water. Now, when a man starts giving me oral sex, it makes me want to run to the bathroom and wrap my legs around a faucet because it's just so exquisite. As far as having a clitoral orgasm, nothing really compares with it. The best orgasm of all, though, is with a penis.

I use a vibrator most of the time, but once in a while I still enjoy water, because I can use whatever pressure I need. Sometimes I want gentle pressure, other times a bit more aggressive. Water never lets me down.


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