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Period Sex & More

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Tips for having period sex

Can I have sex with my girlfriend while she’s on her period?



I’m afraid the only person who can answer that question is your lady friend. Being on her period will not hinder her ability to experience pleasure, so if you don’t mind the cleanup it requires and she feels comfortable with the whole thing, then by all means, have fun.

Donald Zimmer

chunky semen

I’m worried because my semen is chunky every time I ejaculate. Is this normal? Do I have an STD?



While it’s an age-old phenomenon for men to be preoccupied with anything the might be remotely different about their penises or sperm, rest assured that half the time you worry, you’re creating stress wrinkles for nothing. While “chunky” sperm, as you call it, isn’t necessarily the “norm” in terms of semen consistency, there most likely isn’t anything wrong with you. And if you don’t experience any pain upon ejaculation, you can rule out STDs from the equation.

Think of your semen as a sort of fingerprint -- no two men have the same odor, taste, color, or consistency. These factors are all attributed to a man’s respective diet, biology and even overall body temperature.

So, your semen might appear “chunky” because of the amount and/or types of proteins it contains, which usually give sperm a thicker, stickier appearance.

Donald Zimmer

Lowered sex drive and penis girth issues…

declined sex drive

I’m a 30-year-old man, and I’ve noticed a recent decline in my sex drive. I don’t masturbate as often as I used to and my erections aren’t as full and hard. What’s going on here?



Quite simply: You no longer have the raging testosterone of a 17-year-old boy. Why? Because you’re a 30-year-old man. This doesn’t mean that you’re falling part and that your penis will become increasingly nonfunctional within the next few years, but it does mean that as your body ages, it responds differently to sexual urges.

Men never lose their sex drives per se (why, men in their 70s can still enjoy an active sex life), but their bodies do begin to react in different, less pronounced ways. For example, men in their 20s might masturbate less frequently than they used to; men in their 30s might notice that their erections aren’t as hard as before; and men in their 40s and 50s might have trouble achieving an erection without direct stimulation.

As long as you don’t have any problems with achieving and maintaining an erection or with your level of desire to have sex, then you should be able to experience sex in the same pleasurable way as when you were a teen with raging hormones.

Donald Zimmer

penis girth

Is penis girth just as important to a woman as size?



First thing first: Women aren’t even half as preoccupied with penis size as men are. In most cases, a man is more obsessed with the size of his penis than his girlfriend/wife is. This means that unless a man has a nubbin of a penis, a woman will find ways to garner pleasure out of it. But does the same hold true for girth -- aka penis width? Not so much.

Because most of those “feel good” nerve endings are located at the entrance of the vagina, a wider penis is more likely to hit the right spots than a leaner one. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that wider penises are favored over others. Preference varies from woman to woman, and as long as you can provide her with proper stimulation via the tongue and/or fingers, she’ll be good to go.

Donald Zimmer

painful sex

I just started having sex a few months ago, and my boyfriend has a really big penis and it hurts me every time we have sex. The pain goes away eventually, but it stops me from enjoying myself most of the time. What’s wrong?



While painful intercourse could be a sign of an infection, irritation, allergy or STD, chances are that in your specific case, because you are new to the whole sex thing, the pain might be coming from an un-stretched hymen. The fact that your boyfriend’s penis is on the bigger side doesn’t help matters either. There’s not much you can do to help your problem except give your hymen time to stretch and adjust to the size of the penis. In other words: Have more sex.

If the pain, however, is coming from the pelvis area, this could be a sign of something more serious, so seek the care of a health professional.

Donald Zimmer


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