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Why is a comedy club a good first-date spot?
I have to hear a girl's laugh if I'm going to date her. If she cackles like a hyena, she could look like Charlize Theron and I'd still be out of there.

What's the best way to pick up a comedy-club employee on the job?
With a compliment instead of with humor.

Lots of things about my relationship are great, but the sex is vanilla -- my boyfriend is weirded out by my collection of sex toys, and isn't willing to experiment. What should I do?
For me, sexual connection is paramount. If we aren't on the same level, I feel like I'd always be settling or compromising. Plus, you're bound to meet someone who's into that stuff and has all the great qualities that your significant other possesses -- then temptations and complications arise.

I'm seeing someone who recently got a divorce. How cautious should I be about moving the relationship forward?
Never date someone fresh out of a relationship. Never. It's too emotional of a time for the divorcee. Yes, I know the sex is awesome, but there are a lot of things going on in her head and her heart. Plus, her husband is going to be in the picture no matter what she says about it.

How can working at a comedy club get me laid?
We're provided with a steady stream of great one-liners, funny stories and well-written jokes. Reciting one of these lines can come in handy when trying making an impression.

Having an open relationship and picking up a comedy-club employee…

Gina, 25

This Hillary/Barack race is creating tension in my relationship (I'm for him, he's for her). We're both very political people so we can't just ignore it. What should we do?

My mother would say that religion is the deal-breaker in relationships, not politics. But being a very political person myself, if I can't agree on these sorts of issues with my partner, we can't be together. Take a tip from my mother and pray you have religion in common.

What's the best way to pick up a comedy-club employee?

Keep conversation short and sweet. And guys, a Guinness or some Jack Daniels is more of a turn-on than an apple martini.

How can I dissuade my significant other from doing something he really wants to do if he's terrible at it?
Bring them to some open mic nights and let the crowd decide. But be ready to eventually be honest with them if they haven't come to their senses after a few failures.

Open relationships: logistically possible?
Everyone needs a little "strange" now and then, but for me? An open relationship? Hell no, no way, no how, not a chance.

I'm into slapstick, she's the type to read The New Yorker and have a light chuckle. Can having a completely different sense of humor become a deal-breaker?
Absolutely. If you cannot laugh at Matt Fulchiron until you're keeled over crying, it's not gonna work out between us.

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