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Spanking is the ultimate foreplay

by Sarah Fielding

In the movie Secretary, a sweet yet troubled Maggie Gyllenhaal gets her kicks being bent over the desk at work and spanked by her boss (James Spader). If you haven't seen this film, add it to your must-see list under "Unexpectedly Erotic."

Spanking is a popular form of sexual play that includes everything from light paddling to full-blown bondage. Spanking, in some form or other, is often a part of our everyday sexual practice -- or at the very least, our fantasy lives. So if you're new to the delights of your firm hand on a bare bottom, read on. You can spank us, er, thank us later.

Butt, bum, rump, derrière -- whatever you call it, the bottom is the prime target for you to administer spanks. An area of untold pleasure for females, the bum contains nerves that are buried under layers of muscle and fat. It is this muscle and fat that allow the butt cheeks to take all sorts of stimulation -- hard, soft, fast, and with a crop, paddle or just your palm.

Spanking the buttocks causes blood to flow to the bottom; the delightful pink blush that freshly spanked skin takes on is a sign that the area is receiving fresh blood. The genitals, conveniently located in the same vicinity, are also benefiting from the increased blood flow. This arousal, combined with the prickly, stinging sensation of being slapped is, for many, the ultimate in foreplay.

Lovers of the spank also enjoy the aspect of role-play that this bedroom behavior invites. You can indulge your favorite school girl/headmaster fantasy, or perhaps she's just a very bad girl who needs to be punished.

When spanking your lady's butt, position her across your lap, or lay her down with a cushion under her front to prop her butt up even higher. This gives you great access to her peachy cheeks, and she'll love the added sensation of being able to rub and buck against your leg or cushion.

Bottoms up!


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